Bar PowerBar Energize Kasse 25 stk mange forskelige

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Bar PowerBar Energize Kasse 25 stk mange forskelige
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Bar PowerBar Energize Banana Punch
Bar PowerBar Energize Berry Blast
Bar PowerBar Energize Cherry-cranberry Twister
Bar PowerBar Energize Chocolate
Bar PowerBar Energize Coconut med koffein
Bar PowerBar Energize Cookies & Cream
Bar PowerBar Energize Mango-passionfruit
Bar PowerBar Energize Vanilla

The special C2MAX carb mix contains a special ratio of glucose and fructose sources
 Consumed regularly during exercise, this mix can increase the amount of carbs that can be
digested and used by working muscles up to 55% - scientific studies showed:
improved endurance by up to 8% and long lasting energy
 Easily digestible due to special carb mixture and just 2g fat per bar
 With extra sodium, the key electrolyte to compensate sweat loss
 no artificial flavours, preservatives and colours
There are 8 different flavours in the PowerBar Energize range:
 FOUR fruity flavours! With all the natural taste from many delicious fruits – Berry blast, Mango-
Passionfruit, Banana Punch and Cherry Cranberry Twister
 FOUR classic flavours! As of now, the Performance Bars are obtainable under the name of
ENERGIZE: Vanilla, Chocolate, Caffeinated Coconut and Cookies&Cream

Nutrition information:
per 100g
per bar
Energy kJ (kcal) 1538 (363) 844 (199)
Protein 10,8 g 5,9 g
Carbohydrate 71,1 g 39,1 g
of which are sugars 42 g 23,1 g
Fat 3,5 g 1,9 g
of which are saturates 0,6 g 0,3 g
Fibre 2,0 g 1,1 g
Sodium 0,38 g 0,21 g

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